Help with Acrobat PDF Files

  Why using Acrobat files?
Viewing Acrobat files
Test whether your browser can read Acrobat files
How to get Acrobat Reader?
Downloading PDF files
Printing Acrobat files

Why using Acrobat PDF files?

  Acrobat PDF files are very versatile in many respects:
  • Whatever computer or operating system you have, you are likely to be able to view and print Acrobat files, as long as Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer. Test. There are Acrobat Readers available for many different operating systems.

  • You can print Acrobat files almost exactly as they were intended, without effort or trouble. You do not even need to have the fonts installed on your computer that are used in the Acrobat file.

  • Finally, they enable you to find easily your way through the document.


Viewing Acrobat files

  To be able to view an Acrobat file you need to have
  • either a browser with the Acrobat file plug-in
  • or Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Test whether your browser can read Acrobat PDF files

  Click TEST to find out if whether your browser can read Acrobat files.

If nothing is happening,
or your browser asks permission to save a file,
your browser is not able to read Acrobat files.

However, it is still possible that Acrobat Reader has been installed on your computer! (Search your program folders).


How to get Acrobat Reader?

  The installation file for Acrobat Reader is a hefty 5 Megabyte plus file. It installs automatically the plug-ins for Netscape 4+ and Internet Explorer 4+.
  • Computer magazine's CD-ROMs
    have often this utility. Because of its size these CD-ROMs are therefore the first choice.
  • Download the Acrobat Reader free of charge from Adobe's Internet web site. It provides Readers for different operating systems as well.

Printing Acrobat Files


Printing is usually straightforward.

Printing problems
However, sometimes only a parts of the page is printed or pictures are printed black or missing. This is often caused by the printer not having enough memory for an Acrobat file with too high resolution settings.

This problem can be overcome by changing the resolutions settings for the printer.
Go to File|Print...|Properties|Graphics and lower the resolution settings.